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Super excited to sit down with Dale Erdmier and talk about her running career, what keeps her going and her experience at Boston this year and last. 

Follow Dale on Instagram @Marathoner_Dale

Details on the Illinois Half Marathon, an awesome spring race weekend in the midwest at an awesome venue -

If you’ve never experienced the Chicago Marathon, here’s good YouTube video from the start line Look at all these people even in the rain! Also, mad shout out to Ken (who I do not know) for putting together an inspirational and emotionally raw account of his Chicago Marathon experience. 

If you’re interested in a RAM racing event, use code superfly5off for any of their national races including the Hot Chocolate Series and the entire Chicago summer series good through July 31st

You can check out the Chicago Area Runners Association (where Dale works) site here:

Tom Lotus has kept Dale, myself and countless others healthy and running for as long as I have been in the running industry. I can’t recommend his enough if you’re in the Chicago area and are experiencing pain in your training and not just for running Tom sees all kinda of athletes from Ironman triathletes to the Chicago Bulls, Bear, White Sox and Blackhawks. Check out Tom on instagram @Chicagospindoc or through his practice at Rush (looking good Tom!)

I am a big supporter of Dale’s yoga practice and her weekly yoga goals. They help keep Dale injury free and provide time to hone in her mental game. Dale’s studio of choice in Chicago is Studio 3. Let them know Dale sent you in and look out for her in “Dale’s Corner” in the back left of the room! You can also check out Katy’s (Dale’s favorite instructor) or you can follow her on Instagram:

Jake Aleck is Dale’s strength coach in Chicago. His plan not only has helped Dale hit PR after PR but also has kept her injury free for the last 12 months.You can connect with Jake on Instgram

If you’re not familiar with the Wellesley College Scream (Kiss) Tunnel, check it out!

Fast finish long runs are one of my favorite for any runners, but especially the marathon. The runs are really simple, start slow for the first 60-70% of the mileage then work yourself up to race pace for the last 30-40% and then build them up. Week one might be 8 miles total, with 6 easy and 2 at marathon pace, then the next week is 10 total miles with 7 easy and 3 at marathon pace and then try 12 miles with 8 miles easy and 4 at race pace. 

Dale is prepping for the Copenhagen Marathon, her first international and the soonest she’ll race back to back marathons. We’re excited to see how it goes and you can check out the race,

Aaron Ross is the photographer Dale works with for professional shots. You can check out all his awesome work on his website and his Instagram.

Dale loves Smartwool, and so do I. If you need gear for cold weather, check out their gear on their website.

I dunno if I mentioned this yet, but you can follow Dale on instagram @marathoner_dale

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