All Things Bike Fit

On this episode of The SuperFly Podcast Coach Eric sits down with bike fitter Brian Jacobson of Fit2Ride Velo Studio. They cover everything from when to get fit, how to find the best fitter and what your relationship with your fitter should look like. If you're uncomfortable on your current bike or in the market for a new bike check out make sure you hear us out before you make your next move.

Brian Jacobson - Fit 2 Ride Velo 

Contact Brian and find his shop here:

Here’s a bit of info on Brian’s “Fit First” philosophy.

If you want a little more information on the difference between a road bike fit and a tri bike fit here’s a pretty good article I found breaking it down. 

Here’s a photo of Brian’s saddle wall, which I am sure has grown since this. 

Adam’s fitter Adam Baskin is in the Orlando area, you can check him out here

Bigfoot Triathon is one of the best triathlons in the midwest! I’ve done it year after year and will do keep doing it. RAM Racing puts on Bigfoot Triathlon and they were cool enough to give us a $15 off coupon, use code Superfly15off at checkout.

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