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Jeff Byers is a former NFL offensive lineman and an avid cyclist, but you might know his latest venture best, AMP Human Performance & their PR Lotion. PR Lotion is clinically proven to effectively fight fatigue and soreness though two peer reviewed clinical studies. I sat down with Jeff to talk about how he got involved with AMP Human Performance, debunked some myths about lactic acid (who knew it wasn't a thing?) and check in on some of the athletes they sponsor. Jeff was also cool enough to give us a 30% off discount code for podcast subscribers (use code "superfly" at checkout). Check out some of the show notes below and if you've got any more questions send them along.

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A brief history of Jeff Byers - former NFL offensive linemen who spent his career protecting a true Auburn legend Cam Newton. The number 9 overall football recruit in 2004

What is Sodium Bicarbonate and how does AMP Human Performance help you work harder long? Check out the product

All of the clinic studies regarding AMP Human Performance

A great blog post from AMP Human Performance on lactate: DEMYSTIFYING LACTATE: THE BODY'S PERFORMANCE SUPERHERO

With more athletes signing on everyday, it's hard to keep track of all the pros actually using AMP Human Performance, but with triathletes like Cameron Wurf, Brent McMahon, Matt Russell, Andrew Talansky, Jarrod Shoemaker, Alicia Kaye and Jenny Fletcher along with athletes in the NFL, NBA, USA Cycling and all over the sports world, it's easy to see that PR Lotion is a huge boost to athletes training programs.

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