Jim Vance and Ben Kanute's 70.3 Worlds

Jim Vance literally wrote the book on data driven training and run training with power and he is also a SuperFly coach. He recently published the article " Behind The Numbers - A look at Ben Kanute's 4th Place Finish Data at the 2018 70.3 World Championships " breaking down Ben's 70.3 WC performance, so we'll take some time to chat about this article, what B...

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Live AMP HP CEO Jeff Byers

Jeff Byers is a former NFL offensive lineman and an avid cyclist, but you might know his latest venture best, AMP Human Performance & their PR Lotion . PR Lotion is clinically proven to effectively fight fatigue and soreness though two peer reviewed clinical studies. I sat down with Jeff to talk about how he got involved with AMP Human Performance, de...

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